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Government has constituted a Distress Relief Fund for NRKs called “Santhwana” for extending financial Assistance to the NRKs returnees. It is one of the prominent schemes initiated by NORKA-ROOTS. Through this scheme financial Assistance is provided to NRK returnees having a minimum service of two years the period after return or death of NRK should not be exceeded the period of his working in the foreign country or ten years whichever is shorter. The applicant should belong to BPL category or the annual family income should not exceed Rs. 25000/-. The applicants should not be employed at the time of applying and availing of assistance.

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    NORKA ROOTS Board of Directors wanted to step up the welfare activities of the organization. As a first step it was decided that 10% of the money collected through the Certificate Attestation Centres will be transferred to a separate account called Chairman’s Fund, out of which financial assistance will be given to the deserving NRK’s with the approval of the board.

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    The Non Resident Keralite Identity Card was introduced in August 2008. The NRKs who are either residing or working abroad for atleast 6 months and have completed 18 years of age are eligible for applying the card. The validity of the card is 3 years. The NRKs may submit their application along with the self attested copies of the relevant pages of passport and visa. The registration fee is Rs. 300/- per person.

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